Tiralth, Quest for Freedom

Game One

Elam’s father the Count Aegon Hurst sends his son, whom he views as a vagrant party goer living off his family’s good name and fortune to the town of Windswept. The town is owned by the Count and the Count has received troubling messages and the trade income is being affected. Elam is told to earn his keep and investigate as well as solve this problem. He is given 1000 gold Imperial Crowns and with these funds, leaves to perform his task.

He acquires his old Legion buddy Brand Firelock, the Local Healer Koden, and the family’s apothecary Oscar who brings along the Kin Slave Jocaste. This group of individuals head into the town of Windswept were they stay at a local Inn and do some ear to the ground investigation. From this they learn the town is dealing with a bit of illness.

Oscar and Koden head out to local residential areas to investigate the depth of this disease and from there find the residential area completely smothered by the illness. They quickly head off to locate the others who had gone to check on the local Militia compound which had also been summarily hit by the Disease.

The party then heads to the Mayor’s to discuss with him the state of the Town. There they discover the Mayor is a bit under the weather but appears to be fighting off the disease on hsi own. Koden manages to heal him and Elam notices a subtle difference in the actions of a recently acquired Dark Elf Slave. After some subtle trickery he manages to trick the Elven maiden int revealing herself. In a fit of rage the Mayor kills her, but only after Elam manages to tease more information out of her.

Two other Elven Slaves attack the party in the mayor’s home, and after a brief scuffle the Mayor orders them to kill the remaining Four in the town. They manage to reach the Town Square and there confront an Elven slave who is revealed to be a Priestess of Athnea. The towns folk have been turned into some form of Demonic Plague victims and attack the party along with the priestess.

After the party defeats her they set out to confront the remaining Priestesses.



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