Tiralth, Quest for Freedom

Game Three

The Adventure begins at the Militia Compound. The group of Elam, Brand, Oscar, Jocaste and Kodan meet up with the Ishnaran Cleric Maria Vega, and share what information they have learned from their encounters in Windswept. While the vast majority of the party rests, Maria and Elam go and interrogate the Priestess and the Warrior that Maria had taken captive.

After a lengthly discussion, and some “torture” applied to the priestess, they learn that the invasion of the Empire is set to begin here at Windswept, and after the Priestess tries to give Elam Plague. Elam runs her through and leaves her for dead. Asking maria to leave he then privately interrogates the Warrior, who is MUCH more forth coming with information. He manages to confirm what the Priestess said, and get the name of the High Priestess as well as the Paladin of Athnea that is guarding her.

As the Party prepares to move out, Maria notices still fires on the Docks and suddenly realizes that the Fire Goddess’ disciples are preparing a ritual. The party gathers what Militia remain and together head down to assault the docks. There, Elam tries to negotiate with the High Priestess Shela Demar, who refuses his advances and offers of negotiations. He attempts to use a spell first on the Priestess, who is wearing fire, and then on what he assumes are ritual bon fires. The first fails due to the fire being a gift from Athnea herself, the second only partially works, but instead INJURES the resting Fire Elemental Warriors that the High Priestess had summoned. (She was in the process of summoning A LOT more)

The fight begins in earnest, with both parties pretty much charging each other. Gormak moves to engage the Elementals, while the Paladin Gauvain Tarris, engages the Paladin of Athnea. (As Lyle called it, a Palladin Slap Fight). Jocaste and her Master Oscar move in toward the center where the Slap Fight is occurring and fight there, with support from Maria. Kodan supports the Militia as they advance with Healing Hexes, and begins to throw out debuffs to affect the enemy. Elam moves over to the side with Gormak and supports him by blinding the crap out of anything and everything.

Eventually a second wave of Plague Demons arrives behind the party, and Brand, Elam, and Gormak engage them. The fight is brutal and fierce with the docks being torn up (Mostly by Gormak’s axe….) and militia and Dark Elves die all around, with at least one Militia Soldier being turned mid battle. Oscar lands a telling, and very definitive killing blow that causes the High Priestess to explode in a ring of Fire. When it clears, a Chosen (A type of Avatar) of Athnea is standing in her place.

At this point the party begins to engage what is effectively a God itself on the Docks of Windswept. Despite well places hits, the goddess was receiving no damage, except when Jocaste rakes her across the midriff with her greatsword in a critical strike. However the wound very quickly heals. Oscar grapples with her, his skin burning from direct contact with a fire god. As they grapple, in a fit of pure rage he tosses her off the docks into the Ocean.

At this point a giant hand of pure water thrusts up and speaks in the ancient language of the gods (Nobody has Celestial, however the voice said: I gave you no such leave to punish my children Sister. Be the gone from this plane.) The hand caught the Chosen of Athnea raised her high into the air, about a thousand feet, and crushed her. The hand, and the chosen then explode and it begins to rain.

The rain is actually the healing tears of Ishnara, curing the town of the plague and killing the last of the Plague Demons who cannot be saved. The rain also heals all wounds, restores a person’s vitality. (As if you have taken an 8 hour rest). The party realizes, however that even refreshed as this, they cannot stop the fifteen Dark Elf Corsair vessels heading for Windswept. They gather the survivors, including the Mayor and his Nights, and set fire to Windswept to deny the enemy food or shelter, and then leave. Gormak takes his payment of a boat and swears to Elam that he will have a dialog with the party before he attacks them, and should a contract require them to cross swords, he will do his best to not kill them.

XP: 1600 for Battle
Elam and Maria: +50 for interrogation
Oscar: +50 for figuring out how to kill the Chosen
Jocaste: +100 for Criting a God! (this is on top of your achievement!)
Kodan: +75 for great Hex work
Maria: +20 for greeting your god by calling her “Boss”
Elam: +20 For Taunting a God. -20 FOR TAUNTING A GOD.
Brand: +50 for being tactical with your targets.


Elam: +20 For Taunting a God. -20 FOR TAUNTING A GOD.

Best zero XP I’ve ever earned.

Game Three

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