Tiralth, Quest for Freedom

Game Two

The party sets out to find and confront the remaining Priestesses in the town of Windswept which is currently under siege from some rather nasty Plague that was revealed to have been distributed by the Dark Elf Slaves captured a week earlier by the 8th Legion. The party, slightly wounded enters a local apothecary shop where they discover the propieter not to be home.

Elam leaves a few hundred Gold Crowns and then ransacks the place for available healing supplies, managing to score several, including a few rare Full heal Potions! The party then vacates to investigate the Residential area were they can clearly see several smoke plumes from fires raging. Once the party leaves, Oscar secretly sets fire to the apothecary’s shop for reasons that are his alone…

In the Residential area they locate a priestess, two fully armed and armored Dark Elven Warriors, and a horde of the Abyssal plague victims. Not far away in cage created of fire, are somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 survivors, some of which look to be ill. The party engages in a fierce battle with the elven and victim forces and eventually emerge triumphant and then free the prisoners.

Moving to a nearby home they find the way inside barred by a Kin Slave who refuses them entry, claiming that since his masters are dead, he is now free and quite frankly the Empire can “Go to the hell it so richly deserves”. Deciding they jsut don’t have time for this crap, Elam declares the Kin a traitor to the Empire and orders the Slave put to death. Brand hit the man with an arrow and Oscar hits the man with an alchemical bomb, while Elam fires his Crossbow landing the killing blow. While this was going on, Jocaste stealthed to the rear of the home and opened the door covering the escape of a female Kin holding a babe, and her toddler child.

The party then fortifies the home for the survivors they rescued and moves out to the Jail. Though the Gate house was closer, they decide that from reports of enemy sighted there the Elves are actually doing them a favor and keeping potential Plague victems INSIDE the town, and keeping it from spreading. Once at the Jail they find a Human Barbarian of White Hall offering free ship, and raiding privileges along the rich Imperial Coast, claiming this to be the first step in the Glorious War to follow as White Hall invades Avarris, the Vaxians the Southern Kingdoms, and the Dark Elves attack the Empire!

In a tactical surprise attack set up by the party they engage the group, and though outnumbered fight hard against the enemy. It is there that a Paladin of rough origin appears, and a Large rather frightening Minotaur as well. The two fight each other as well as the inmates, while the party fights the Barbarian Lord and his Dark Elven warrior escorts. After the hardest battle the party has fought they manage to defeat the inmates, the Barbarian Lord, and the Dark Elves.

It is here the Minotaur turns his attention to the party. Elam quickly blinds the Minotaur as the Party is in NO condition to face the beast. The Minotaur decides that Blinding sucks, introduces himself to the party as Gormak and offers to make a deal. The party offers him his choice of ship after they try and retake the town, and Gormak agrees.

The Paladin offers to accompany them, and even behave himself around Gormak so long as the Minotaur keeps his word.

Taking the weaponry form the inmates and corpses around the jail, the party heads back to a save spot to rest. Elam and Brand take the equipment to the survivors and are tailed by a shadowy figure. The figure nearly kills Brand, and Elam summons a Celestial Eagle to distract the figure and they run. Arming the Survivors to defend themselves and then return to the party to rest.


You forgot the trip to the Barracks (where we didn’t do much)

Game Two

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