The Arileon Protectorate

The Island nation of the Arileon Protectorate is covered in a giant forest, steep cliffs, and two high rocky mountains. The forest has the thickest and tallest trees in the world. Stretching high into the sky at an impressive fifty to one hundred feet. It is in these trees, and the occasional cliff dwelling that the bird like, Arileon’s make their home. From the smallest village to the largest temple city of Garian, every structure is built in the trees, the ancestral home of the race.

The Arileons have one goal in life: To seek knowledge. Some of the races think them power hungry, saying that knowledge is power. Others think them wise sages. The answer is as varied as the stars. Like humans, the Arileons range in temperament and thought. There are good, neutral and evil individuals in the Protectorate. The only common thing that a good Arileon would have with an evil Arileon is the quest for knowledge. To this end the Arileons have a Monastic society. Every village, Town and city is based around a Temple lifestyle. Each Temple is headed up by an Elder. A monk who guides more than leads his charge. Every three months the Elders meet at the Grand temple of Garian to discuss the state of the nation, make whatever changes they deem necessary, and debate philosophy.

Arileons are highly religious. Even more so than the elves, though outsiders would not believe it. The Elves flaunt their high belief in the Mother and the Pantheon of good, where the Arileons believe that every man woman and child must find their own way to divinity, and leave others to find their path. Even the rare Paladin would never flaunt his belief, or try to convert another to his deity’s course. It would go against the Philosophy taught to every young hatchling.

The Temples, or Monasteries are each devoted to a God or Goddess, but have wings devoted to each of the other gods. There are those who answer the calling and become priests, but the majority who answer the calling are Monks. They teach and advise the rest of the society, guiding even the lowliest of societies dregs to the path of inner peace and enlightenment. Each temple is responsible for keeping it’s own protection. From the basic fighter, to the warrior monks of Treval, each temple’s warriors practice after the evening meal, and traveling monks are encouraged to participate, and many a friendly competition spurs from these traveler’s, to the entire temple’s entertainment and delight.

The race itself began with the creation of the other races. Tyrdra, the goddess of wisdom and wind, was gifted her own children by the mother. She chose a native species of intelligent birds who rode the air currents she gusted along the world. This species grew, and evolved and eventually became the Arileons. Not much is known about the early years before the Dragons, though unlike many of the other nations and species they fully admit that theirs was not a prosperous species before the Dragons. They simply lived on their island, flew amongst the trees, and watched the stars at night charting their movements and changes. With little to no formal organization the Arileons stood no chance against the dragons that came to enslave them and like the rest of the world lived for generations as slaves.

At first the Dragons were delighted to have a race gifted with flight and at first they were the race sent into the caves to harvest the silk worms. However the caves were an enclosed environment and being in this environment with temperamental dragons meant a possibility of an extremely short lifespan. They were also used as sport by some of the chromatic dragons. Set free and then chased in the air for live prey hunting sport. When the Kin came along, the new race replaced the Arileons in the caves, and with the dragons attention turned to the raising and upbringing of a new race, the Arileons were forgotten except for the occasional sport, and left alone.

It was during this time that the race began it’s quest for enlightenment. A silver Dragon, known for his Wisdom and kindness had settled on the Arileon home Island. He took several of the Tribes under both his wings and began to educate the naturally inquisitive species. The Arileons, even then always hungry for Wisdom and knowledge listened, and learned. When the kin approached with their brave plans of uprisings, the Arileons agreed, but instead of slaughtering their teacher, they warned him on the night of a Thousand Scales. He quickly shape Changed into an Arileon, bade his charges luck and flew to the east, presumably to the western continent.

The next age saw the building of the temples, and the dedication of these temples to Gods and Goddesses who protect and guide the world. They returned to the trees and built sprawling cities around their temples. Ground access was built in the form of a lift for visiting walkers, but the main access was by those with wings. Many monks began traveling world bringing back books, soon filled, great libraries. The largest in the world is the Library of Monk Tobias of the Garian Temple. Ten floors, all stacked with books, Monk Tobias became an elder was appalled at the limited selection of books. He sent many young Monks to find themselves, and to bring back ten books on ten things they learned in finding themselves, anything extra was simply a bonus. Within twenty years the library was brimming with books. Outsiders are permitted within the Library, but Arcane wizards will find little but knowledge and nothing of spellcraft. The entire library is filled with mundane books of learning and histories and nothing to do with the Arcane.

Arileons as a whole stand about five to six feet tall. Their feathers are just about every color of the rainbow, but their eyes are all black, green or blue. Their wings can be carefully folded to look something like a cloak of feathers. Personality wise the Arileons are as diverse as humans. All of them, Monks and temple warriors especially are fond of harmless pranks. This is not to say they are jokesters that go about looking at pranking at every opportunity. They are a very serious species. However the understand that they must cut loose and on occasion they do tend to cut loose in the form of a pie to the face. The individual Temples are all beautiful, with gardens in the trees, and some rock gardens on the ground. Children or Hatchlings as they are called flit about from place to place playing tag or running errands, or avoiding lessons. A time honored tradition of Arileon hatchlings is attempting to find reasons not to attend lessons while similarly attending the lessons. Teachers while pretending to be stern with their students will smile and joke behind the youngster’s back telling tales of their own misspent youth.

Arileon Racial Stats
The language spoken by the Arileons is Common.
Favored Class: Monk .
+2 Wisdom
-1 Strength
-1 Constitution
All Arileons have great wings that permit them to fly at a base speed of 60ft. This allows them access to any flight based monstrous feats. On land they have a base movement of 30ft.


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