The Thirteen Divine of Tiralth
Before the age of Dragons here were hundreds of Gods. Some believe the gods are the survivors of another, more powerful race that lived in the place that eventually became the universe. Whatever the case may be, eventually war shook the heavens, and the gods we know were left to create new life to dominate the void.

Eventually even this was brought low, when the gods waged another war, using mortals as their soldiers to being low the pantheon that has no name, but is now called the Forbidden. These forbidden were so powerful and so twisted that it took all the gods of all the pantheon to stand before them. Even then they were unable to kill them and merely trapped them. None know where the surviving forbidden are trapped, only that if the prison is discovered by a cultist, the world could be in peril once more.

Note:Everyone has a god they worship, even if it is token worship. --

Name – Element – Domain – Of
Ishnara - Water - Water, Healing, Protection, Community – Life, Rivers – Weapon: Chakram
Jintar – Water – Water, War, Ocean, Glory-War, Honorable Battle, Sea – Weapon: Elven Double Blade
Tirdra – Air – Air, Travel, Liberation,Wind -Fair Travel, Freedom – Weapon: Longbow
Haruk – Earth – Earth, Artifice, Strength, Rune -Justice, Crafting – Weapon: Warhammer/Maul

Athnea – Fire – Fire, Destruction, Darkness, Charm -Destruction, Darkness – Weapon: Whip
Sephrina – Earth – Earth, Death, Magic, Knowledge – Necromancy, Death – Weapon: Sythe
Dreth – Fire -Fire, Destruction, War, Madness -Destruction, War, Madness – Weapon: Orc Double Axe
Kalama – Air -Air, Weather, Strength, Retribution-Vengence – Weapon: Swordbreaker Dagger

_Nuetral _
Taranth – Earth -Earth, Repose, Sun, Glory – Keeper of the Gates of Death and the Sun – Weapon:Battle Axe/ Great Axe
Isolade – None -Magic, Knowledge, Runes, Luck -Magic – Weapon: Glaive
Demitris – Water -Water, Time, Dream, Fate -Holder of the Future – Weapon: Net
Salien – Air -Air, Strength, Knowledge, Glory – Keeper of Knowledge and Self Improvement Weapon: Free feat: Improved Unarmed Strike
Khal’vis – Earth -Earth, Plant, Animal, Weather – Nature – Weapon: Light/Heavy Flail

Erif – Fire/Air – Fire, Air, Death, War- Death, Blood, Murder, Unlife
Malakar – ALLALL – Unmaking, Destruction
Canthis – None -ALL -Magic

Each God has their own warriors, be they Clerics or Paladins. Though Clerics are typically called Priests or Clerics, the Paladins for the most part have their own Order within the Churches.
Here are the Paladinic Orders of Tiralth:
Ishnara –
Jintar – Templar
Tirdra –
Haruk -

Athnea –
Sephrina – Soulless
Dreth –
Kalama -

Taranth – Death Knight
Isolade –
Demitris –
Salien –
Khal’vis -


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